Sunday, 11 September 2011

She's Like A Rainbow.

Recently I have been OBSESSED with having bright colours in my hair. I can appreciate how this trend can go wrong, and really want to avoid looking like a scene kid going for the Audrey Kitching look. I love Kate Bosworth's blue tips, this is probably the exact style I will be going for when I finally move back to uni. I think it's a change that is fun, without looking like a rainbow. I  also appreciate when hair is ombred nicely, IMO Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson lead the way with their style, I considered that style too, but I am too easily bored. Katy Perry too has had a recent hair-over. As you can see in the photo above she has gone all the way, I think it suits her and would look amazing on people who had the balls to pull it off, however as a long term hair style, its not for me.

Let me know your thoughts about hair colouring, I always enjoy responding and hearing what other people think.

Peace out x

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Shopping is a very depressing affair atm. I am counting the days until my student loan returns and saves me! For the winter I think I will continue my uniform of denim shorts for as long as I can endure, except replace the t-shirts with shirts. I love the burgundy mesh top from Topshop and was thinking it would be quite easy to accessorise and wear at night time as well. The brogues are made my Dolce and Gabbana, normaly I'm a bit of a square when it comes to footwear, most of my shoes are only black/brown or grey. I think these are great, they would easily add a quirky edge to any outfit.

The black skirt reminds me of one I saw on Morrvisey's blog, its a great piece for both summer and winter and only £25 from Miss Selfridge. They have amazing maxi skirts on the website atm.

Those amazing black platforms are from ASOS. I posted these in response to Manolo Blanhik's comment, that the platform is dead. I hope this isn't the case, as I am a lover and over the past few years the wider variety of heels available has been brilliant. I prefer platforms anyway, they're so painfree.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Favourites for this Autumn

 These were some of my favourite pieces shown in London this Spring. I love Giles Deacon's edgy pieces, he is one of my favourite British designers. It would seem like leather is back in this season, as he was not alone having a more rough and ready collection. Alexander McQueen, Viktor and Rolf and Louis Vuttion are some of the few names who incorporated a darker palette and violent embellishment on their garments.
 Burberry is such a classic label, I would feel rather un-British not featuring some pictures from their show. Unlike Giles, the designs are a lot brighter and bold, another common theme on the catwalk for this fall. Jonathon Saunders, Mario Schwab and Diane von Furstenberg lead the way this autumn with their bright and clashing prints. I love their new take on the classic feminine pieces.

At Odds With Dr.Genesis

Sunglasses - Vintage
Hare Pendant - Topshop
T-shirt - Primark
Denim Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Ankle Boots - ASOS
Rings - Primark/Market

So I haven't blogged in absolutely ages, except I am determined not to give up this time no matter HOW busy I am. This summer I have been obsessed with denim shorts/skirts and t-shirts, its pretty much been a uniform. I've had to work with a limited wardrobe as money has been impossible to find, I spent all the money from my previous job on god knows what.

Anything by Pavement has been the soundtrack to my summer, I hope you enjoy this track lovely people.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nostalgic Trips

I watched Factory Girl earlier and was reminded off my love for Edie Sedgwick, not just as a style icon. In my eyes she was one of the most idiosyncratic women of the 60s, some many argue that was a result off the copious amounts of amphetamine but I like to think otherwise. Her style was so rebellious for her time, well at least for someone with a background as prestigious as hers, compare her style to the likes of Jackie O*, it just amazes me when you think how to people living the same America at the same time could dress like complete polar opposites. (Not that I don't appreciate the style of Jackie O). I imagine the majority of you reading this will have heard of Edie Sedgwick and Warhols' silver Factory, but, in case you haven't, or just fancy some mutual appreciation for this personified roman candle, here's a little clip of her dancing.
Ciao Bellas xx

Friday, 21 January 2011

Bonjour mes cheris.

Bow - Primark
Sonic Youth T-shirt- Urban Outfitters
Blue Skater Skirt - H&M
Black Belt - Topshop
Black Cardigan - H&M
Satchel - Vintage
Skull Ring - Galibardy
Leather Loafers - Topshop

             Hello people, I'm new to all of this, but it seemed like fun so I joined in. At the moment my camera has broken, which is ridiculously annoying, so I'm relying upon a bad quality web cam and Blackberry, hence the ABYSSMAL quality of photography, the lighting is also really poor as I'm taking photos in my bedroom at halls. Today's outfit was quite relaxed, I love my Sonic Youth t-shirt, I can wear it with just about everything. I bought the loafers yesterday in the Topshop sale, I have wanted them since Topshop first started selling them so to finally have them, and for only £18, made me one happy bunny. They're selling some similar pairs this season, I think they're a great buy as they're such a versatile item. My ring was a Christmas present from my boyfriend, I am in love with it, just so scared of loosing it. I think Galibardy is a great website , its still relatively unknown and they sell unique pieces at very reasonable prices. Obviously, the majority of the jewellery is made from brass, so ensure you buy some brass cleaner to maintain the items, so they don't rust or leave nasty green marks on your skin.
Ciao Bellas xo