Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Shopping is a very depressing affair atm. I am counting the days until my student loan returns and saves me! For the winter I think I will continue my uniform of denim shorts for as long as I can endure, except replace the t-shirts with shirts. I love the burgundy mesh top from Topshop and was thinking it would be quite easy to accessorise and wear at night time as well. The brogues are made my Dolce and Gabbana, normaly I'm a bit of a square when it comes to footwear, most of my shoes are only black/brown or grey. I think these are great, they would easily add a quirky edge to any outfit.

The black skirt reminds me of one I saw on Morrvisey's blog, its a great piece for both summer and winter and only £25 from Miss Selfridge. They have amazing maxi skirts on the website atm.

Those amazing black platforms are from ASOS. I posted these in response to Manolo Blanhik's comment, that the platform is dead. I hope this isn't the case, as I am a lover and over the past few years the wider variety of heels available has been brilliant. I prefer platforms anyway, they're so painfree.



  1. I adore those items, the red shirt and black platforms are to die for! :)

  2. Lovely collection here, those platforms are beautiful as is the sheep Topshop top.

    Definitely know what you mean about money atm, counting down the days until student loans comes to the rescue!! x

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog :) i'm definately feeling these cravings, especially the skirt! and I don't think platforms will ever be dead I can't ever imagine me wearing heels withoout a platform again-too uncomfortable! Love your blog :)

  4. Some lovely pieces here!

    Thankyou for commenting and following my blog!! :)

    Chelsea x

  5. hey girl,

    lovely outfit, very nicee

    x hajar et mounia

  6. I love the plum coloured top, its lush!


    Please visit my blog if you have the chance.

  8. platforms allll the way i agree!
    i just came across your blog whilst browsing, i really like your style, the photos are amazing, i am now a follower!
    Im new to blogging to would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and follow me back! Thankyou so much, love Lo xxx

  9. Cool blog! It has kind of urban spirit!


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